Photographic competition
From July 3, 2019 to February 29, 2020

© Pascal Maitre

The Touristic Promotion Center of Niger (CNPT) is launching a photo contest open to all. Country of contrasts, Niger is a dream land for those who are passionate about photography.

Through this contest divided in two categories, national and international, the team of the CNPT wishes to offer for all those who visit or feel a special bond with Niger to share their memories with the greatest possible number.

Chaired by Pascal Maitre, wellknown photojournalist recognized worldwide by his peers, a jury made up of professionals of tourism and photography will judge the quality of the pictures in technical, artistic and symbolic terms.

Traveling exhibitions, stays in Niger, ULM excusrsions, professional cameras, etc will be so many prices at the end of the competition.

This initiative aims to discover or rediscover the diversity and the beauty of landscapes, cultural and historical wealth, as well as the exceptional fauna of Niger, highlighting the countless experiences lived by the participants and transcribed in pictures.

Pascal Maitre

© Richard M Bane

Pascal Maitre is one of the greatest photojournalists of the world. He has covered the all for cardinal points, travelled almost all the countries of Africa and highlighted social and human realities unknown to the general public.

He starts his carreer of journalist among the group « Jeune Afrique » in 1979 and makes his first report in the Sahara desert next to the marocan army. From Liban to Colombia, Somalia to Siberia through Afghanistan, He will realize hundreds of reports for the most famous international magazines like Géo, National Geographic, Paris Match, L’express, ets. Our photographer remains the specialist of Africa, his beloved land.

Realising intensly powerful clichés, Pascal Maitre knows skilfully how to use the lights and the contrasts in order to magnify the cultures and the landscapes, or to testify emotionnally strong scenes. His pictures don’t leave you untouched, they draw your attention, shake you up, explain and often criticize.

Organising many exhibitions and rewarded multiple times, in order to recognize his impressive career, he receives in 2015 the « Golden VISA of Honor » at the « Festival VISA pour l’image », the biggest festival of photojournalism in the world.